MicroShield 360

Durable, Long-Lasting, 24/7 Antimicrobial

What is MicroShield?

An antimicrobial program that is a step beyond traditional disinfection. It strives to provide continuous disinfection with ongoing preventative benefits.

  • Commonly used for controlling odor & mold issues.
  • Coating is EPA registered and FDA approved for direct food contact surfaces.
  • MicroShield 360 coating is durable and long lasting.
    Our typical client service interval is one year.
  • Provides continuous 24/7 prevention through a multi-step process.

Fact 1 : One bacterium can multiply to more than 30,000 in five hours and to more than 16 million in eight hours.

Fact 2: Independent 3rd Party research describes MicroShield 360 performance and durability in relation to numerous microbes and surfaces

What is the process?

MS 360 does not work by poisoning microbes like traditional disinfection. Its process is environmentally friendly and does not degrade with use. For details request our research through the form below.

  • First, we apply MicroShield 360 Renew (which KILLS HUMAN CORONAVIRUS and is on the EPA approved N List for Emerging Pathogens).
  • Then we apply MicroShield 360 Antimicrobial Coating which imparts durable biostatic activity on a wide variety of substrates.

Constant Residual Protection Between Cleanings


Ready to learn how we can help?


Ready to learn how we can help?


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